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About Us

About Us

The Sport on the Move Foundation supports extraordinary champions

At the end of 2015 an international team from Namibia, Germany and The Netherlands  came together in a Skype conference call. They discussed the opportunities to support Namibia’s and Africa’s fastest sprinter (T11) Ananias Shikongo. Not long after this first meeting the campaign #Run4Rio was born.

The foundation has developed from a fundraising campaign. Although limited in resources, it provided critical support when hardly any other support was available. As such it is believed to have had an extraordinary impact on the athletes’ performance and achievements in Rio. Now we are moving forward to Tokyo2020!

Doufi Namalambo


Doufi Namalambo is a group’s specialist in training and facilitation of processes set in a workshop setting, where her interpersonal skill and confidence assists groups to move through difficult process steps. She has consulted in the human resources development and organisation development field in Namibia and South Africa (1998) and joined CSA in 2001.

Dear reader,


I would like to start by thanking you for joining us of what is perhaps the most important initiative for the Namibian Sports Fraternity. All of us agree: sport has the ability to change one’s live and the foundation is here to make sure that the Paralympic athletes continue to raise the Namibian flag high.


Sports on the Move Foundation is an organization focused on helping the para athletes with their day to day trainings preparation for major games/events, coaching for the present, as well as for a life basically. The Foundation is geared toward caring para athletes’ overall wellbeing.


Our history

Some of our team members are coming a long way, such as Mike and Memory. But the entire group came together in mid-2015, one year ahead of Rio, to provide support to the athletes in their preparations. Or should I say: to compensate for lack of other support. We started as a private initiative the Run4Rio campaign and managed to provide critical support in areas such as coaching, training, equipment, and nutrition. This support made the difference, and led to gold at Rio2016 Paralympic games. 


When the athletes came back from Rio, we agreed to keep on working together with a new perspective: the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020. To anchor all our efforts we decided to create an institutional structure in the format of the Sport on the Move Foundation. The aim of our foundation is to create an enabling environment which allows par athletes to perform to their best abilities and continue positioning Namibia internationally.

Taleen Kazandjian


Taleen received her Bachelor of Science in Oecotrophology (major: nutrition and health) at the University of Applied Scienes, Münster/Germany. Taleen's interests lie in innovations and product development, dietetics and nutrition and culinary techniques.

Ina Wilkie

Board member

Ina is passionate about stories. She produces a wide range of communication measures including films, articles, brochures, and books with her company Mubasen Communications. Ina has a diploma in political science from Hamburg University.

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Memory Kalahri

Board member

Memory is Para Sport Administrative Coordinator for the National Paralympic Commitee and passionate about social inclusion through Sport. Her love for sport as a tool to bring everyone together has been evident in how results have been seen in Paralympic Sport.

Paul Gschwender


Paul graduated from the University of Western Cape / South Africa and is a MA student at University of Heidelberg/Germany in Sport Science. His commitment is focused on social upliftment and promoting of children and youth through sport.

Michael Hamukwaya


Michael (Mike) Hamukwaya is a trained orthopedist and the National Coach of the Paralympic Team of Namibia. He has a diploma in Sports Management and and is currently completing his honors in Physical Education at the University of Namibia.

Frank Gschwender

Board member

Frank Gschwender is geographer by profession which probably brought him to Namibia. Beside that he is having numerous passions. One is implicite to the saying “People are People through People``

Elisa Ostet


Elisa has graduated in the Sports Leadership Program at the Dutch Nyenrode University. Her goal: turning the spotlight on sports heroes. She is program coordinator for the Executive MBA at Nyenrode University.

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