02 December 2023

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Namibian Annual Sport Awards

We want to congratulate Ananias Shikongo PLY and guide Even Tjiuiju for winning the NamPower NASA Sportsman of the Year with a Disability Award last weekend! We also celebrate for Lahja Ishitile PLY and guide Sem Shimand, who won the NamPower NASA Sportswoman of the Year with a Disability Award! These performances would not have been possible without the endless support from their coach Letu Hamhola, who won the well-deserved NAMDIA Coach of the Year award!


Johannes Nambala PLY and many others got nominated for these awards, and even though they are not going home with a medal, they are still champions at heart and we are very proud of them! 

Coach Letu Hamhola

Lahja Ishitile

Ananias Shikongo