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The Paralympic Games of Paris2024 are on the corner! With only two years to go, this Paralympic cycle is one year shorter than usual due to the postponement of the Tokyo2020 games to 2021. Especially 2023 is an important year for our athletes with the World Championships in Paris, France. But also 2022 still counts: we will hit the track at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.


Why the need for participation in competitions?


According to the IPC qualification rules the top six (6) ranked athletes of each Individual medal event will obtain one (1) qualification slot for their respective NPC. Also a medal on the World Championships counts. World Para Athletics will establish a 12- month Qualification Ranking for each of the Individual medal events on the Paris 2024 Event Programme. That means our athletes have to perform on the international competitions to obtain a position on the ranking list.

Why a training stage:


During a training stage, athletes learn to prepare and train under other-than-home circumstances. We try to get as close as possible to the competition environment. In the last training stage in 2019, athletes improved their running techniques at athletics club AC TION and got strength training from Leon Stevense Personal Training. They also get support from Pro-F physiotherapists.


Athletes also become part of the local sports community and in this way we facilitate an exchange between the Namibian and local culture. Members of Athletics Club TION participated in a Paralympic Meet & Greet and learned how to be a guide runner and how running blind feels. We also visited the Dutch National Training Center Papendal and trained together with the Dutch Paralympic athletics team. We shared our story with the participants of the Sports Leadership program at Nyenrode Business University and with youngsters at secondary schools.

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