02 September 2023

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Training Stage: Summer 2023


Paralympic athletes Ananias Shikongo, Johannes Nambala, Lahja Ishitile, as well as guides Sem Shimanda and Even Tjiuiju qualified for the Paris Paralympic Gamesin 2023, and after competing last summer and ending their season in Paris, they contributed to expanding the Sport on the Move network in Enschede, Netherlands. They also hosted a successful Blind Running clinic for AC TION club members. The post encourages further collaboration and offers Blind Running clinics to interested companies or organizations! Are you also interested in a clinic Blind Running by our Paralympic champions and their guides? Contact us for more information!


Ananias Shikongo: Today we are already three weeks in Enschede, the Netherlands, to prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games. Sem Shimanda & Even Tjiuiju participated in some games in the Netherlands and Belgium. They performed well under the guidance of coach Letu Hamhola. Last weekend our Embassy of Namibia in Belgium, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union, was also cheering for us at the track meeting in Leuven. After the competition we shared our stories and plans with ambassador H.E. Dr. Mekondjo Kaapanda-Girnus. We want to thank them for the hospitality that made us feel at home. Also The Bike Store is of great support during our time here. They provide us with sports nutrition, special clothes, transportation and many other things. The company of Claudia Broer-Ostet & Rik Broer has been supporting us for a long time already and we are very happy that they want to help us toward Paris as well. Like in 2018 and 2019, we are continuing our training at the track of Athletics Club Tion (AC TION) and in the gym of Trainingsstudio NL. Also Pro-F Professionele Fysiotherapie is helping us again.
We look forward to continuing these great partnerships also beyond the games next year. We would like to thank Mrs Cornélie van Waegeningh, Honorary Consul of Namibia in the Netherlands, for welcoming us back to our second home. Together with some other Namibians and Namibia lovers we shared our stories and experiences during a cosy gathering. We appreciate our accommodation at Elisa Ostet & Sebastian Piest’s place: celebrating my birthday, doing all the laundry, cleaning (especially with help from our mother Brigitte Kroeze), gardening, cooking and enjoying dinners together as a family. We feel at home with you always! Last but not least: these Paris2024 preparations are powered by the Sport on the Move Foundation in collaboration with NPC Namibia.