05 July 2024

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Trainingstage NL (Update 1 – Month 1)

Trainingstage NL (Update 1 – Month 1)

A month has passed since the athletes arrived in Enschede, the Netherlands, after their performances in the World Championships Para Athletics in Kobe, Japan. A month full of adjustments to the Dutch weather and preparations towards the Paralympic Games in Paris! Ananias Shikongo, Even, Johaness Nambala, and Zuma undergo training after training to hone their capabilities in anticipation of the Paralympics. At the Athletic Club Tion and TrainingsstudioNL in Enschede, they practice and train their runs, using bikes given by Bike Store for easier transportation around town! Additionally, when some physiotherapy is in need, our friends from Pro-F are always happy to help! And when hunger settles in away from home, De Heren Catering is there to help. What do our athletes have to say about their month here?

  1. Ananias Shikongo: ”It was nice, the weather is becoming familiar, I am starting to improve my running time, I personally feel ready for the competition. Some facilities I could not get in Namibia, like the gym, really helped me. I am also grateful that I have somewhere to stay, that I am able to get good meals and a place to rest. I feel ready for the competition.”
  2. Sem Shimanda: ”This one month was good, it was difficult for us to adapt to the weather, but now it is fine for us. Training was good for us because we were able to get the facilities for that, like the track and gym. I feel we are ready for the competition!”
  3. Johannes Nambala: ”We have been finding it good, like Ananias said the weather has been rainy and cold, but now it is going better. We got help from people who are really friendly, we find it very well. I feel ready for the competition ahead, I think good results are going to come.”
  4. Even Tjiuiju: I feel very happy, I feel like I am at home in Namibia, I love the food, the training, the gym, the people. In Namibia it is difficult to get the necessary facilities, even transport, so it feels like we are training better and more effectively than in Namibia, back home it is a struggle but here is fine, I feel very ready for the competition.